Safely buy medical marijuana & cannabis seeds in the USA

Medical marijuana seeds: Where did that term come from?

Cannabis seeds and their multiple strains have been around for thousands of years. Breeders have been designing new strains (hybrids) since the discovery of the plant itself. These non-original strains were developed for any number of reasons, including medical experimentation and even fun.

The marijuana plant has always been medicinal. It HAS been tested way more than ANY FDA Approved commercial drugs that have statistically been proven to kill people.

The “New” medical marijuana seed strains you see now are being bred to address very specific medical ailments.

Charlottes Web is an example of a new strain that contains almost zero THC (0.3) and higher levels of the natural CBD’s (Cannabidiols) that have proven to control extreme seizures in epileptic patients (absolutely AMAZING results too).

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