How To Market Your CBD Business

The CBD and cannabis business is booming as the change in laws are allowing for more businesses to crop up around the United States. Everything from tinctures, to coffee, to gummy worms, to lotion is available with CBD, and people are loving it for the many different health benefits. It’s a relatively new industry with a lot of potential, but breaking into the business can be different with the amount of new competition. So what does your CBD business need to successfully brand and market itself?

The perfect logo

One of the first steps to building a CBD business is creating a logo. This is what will catch people’s attention, let them know who you are, advertise your business, and build a brand identity. When creating a new logo, consider which symbols, colors, and fonts you want incorporating so the overall resulting image is on brand. If you’re going for a natural/healthy vibe, use elements like leaves and flowers, as well as naturally occurring colors like green, yellow and blue. Your logo will be used across all brand communications and visuals, so make sure it is well designed, noticeable, unique, and accurately reflects your company.

Packaging design to stand out

Packaging is so important for getting consumers to buy your product. People are attracted to the first thing that jumps out to them from the shelves, and do not always bother to read the fine print. Even if you have a superior product with better quality ingredients, a flashier packaging could beat you out if the customer has never heard of your brand before. Invest in quality CBD product packaging that is easy to read, distinct, and clearly displays your branding and logo.

Gain visibility with print and branding

Setting up your CBD business with the appropriate branding materials can help advertise your company and reach new customers. This can include everything like signs, business cards, flyers, posters, banners, and more. Everything you create in relation to your company should have the same aesthetic (that goes along with your logo and packaging as well). Creating a brand style guide that outlines the overall images and graphics that should be used with your brand. That includes all fonts, logos, colors, etc. and how they should be used.

Creating a functional website

Whether you have a brick and mortar store or are based entirely online, a well-designed website is a must for any CBD company. Now that CBD is legal across the United States, you can reach any audience with a functional online store. A good rule of thumb for websites is that simple is better, because viewers have an easier time following the flow of the websites. Choose call to actions, images, and sales, to easily direct potential customers to product pages where they will make a purchase.

Besides the aesthetics of a website, you should put some effort into search engine optimization so you get more visibility on Google. Some good SEO practices include blogging to generate more content for your site, using keywords, and inserting links. Another way to increase your ranking while waiting for organic results to pay off is using Google AdWords to reach the top of the search results page. Find a reputable CBD marketing agency to handle your web design and SEO strategy to make sure your website is successfully converting visitors.

Taking off on social media

The top social media accounts for CBD businesses are Instagram and Facebook, but you can use other profiles to boost your social media strategy as well. Create a plan for what kind of content would resonate with your brand and the type of followers or customers you are targeting. If your product is a CBD balm designed to soothe muscle pain, you might include photographs people being active, as well as facts on why CBD can benefit their lifestyle. Using appropriate hashtags on photos you post will also help reach a wider circle of people that are interested in your product. Try researching hashtags related to CBD and wellness to discover which will connect you to your target audience. Using Instagram’s business tools will also define who your audience is and what content they respond to, so you can hone your social media strategy based off of that.

Partnering with the right influencer

Partnering with influencers has become an effective way for many brands, including CBD products, to reach niche markets. Rather than spending thousands of dollars in traditional advertising that is delivered to a broad audience, investing in influencers that relate to your brand could be a more cost-effective and genuine way to reach a lot of customers interested in your product. Social media users especially tend to trust influential people they follow about a brand rather than a generic ad. If you don’t have a big budget, working with influencers with smaller followings can give your brand a lot of exposure without breaking the bank. As always, make sure your product is getting tagged in any photo on social media.

Contact a CBD marketing agency with specific knowledge in your industry for logo design, web design, branding strategy, and social media management.

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