How To Clean Quartz Bangers

Using a quartz banger to vaporize your cannabis concentrate is now counts as standard procedure and the cheapest and most reliable way to dab when it comes to dabbing. But we know that when it comes to cleaning, it could always be a pain in the ass. All those sticky materials seem impossible to come off no matter how hard to try to rub the inside using a q-tip. If you try to ignore the fact that your dab nails are dirty as hell and still trying to dab with them, you are going to have a really bad day. Not to mention your dab is going to taste horrible, the harmful substance created from burning the charred materials can do you no good, if you use charred quartz bangers frequently your are looking to do your lungs a lot of damages that could not be reversed.

We’ll talk about how to prevent your dab nail being dirty and charred at the end of this article, today we are going to break down the steps we use all the time to clean our used and charred bangers. You’ll learn how to clean your quartz bangers in just 4 simple steps.

Follow These 4 Steps To Clean Your Dirty Quartz Bangers

  1. Use Sea Salt To Give Your Dab Nail A Little Rub. Start with a little rub with sea salt can be a good start because the chemicals of the salt can break down the sticky charred materials covering the inside and out of your quartz bangers, if your hands are sensitive when it comes to touching rough salt you can always use a pair of glove or using a rag to do the job.


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