Holiday Hangover? CBD Could Be Just What You Need

The holiday season is in full swing. Champagne corks are popping, and the wine is flowing like water.

Overindulging during the holiday season is common. So common in fact that the day before Thanksgiving is sometimes referred to as “Blackout Wednesday.”

Family gatherings, company work parties, and holiday celebrations with friends can lead to drinking more than you typically might…which can make you feel like death the following day.

Have a holiday hangover? CBD could be just what you need.

How Does CBD Help a Hangover?

CBD has some pretty amazing attributes…especially when it comes to the symptoms of a hangover. It’s known to reduce inflammation, help with chronic pain, and has shown to reduce nausea in some individuals.

While there haven’t been too many studies that look into the effects of CBD on excess alcohol consumption, a 2013 study performed on lab rats did take a look to see if CBD could alleviate alcohol’s toxic effects. The rats were given enough alcohol that caused life-threatening seizures as a result of extreme neurodegeneration (think killing brain cells, something that happens when we drink to excess).

CBD was applied to the rat’s skin. This transdermal application decreased neurodegeneration by close to 50%. The rats that took CBD basically lost half as many brain cells as the rats that didn’t.

Mice are not men, but this study might show some promise when it comes to mitigating the effects of that holiday hangover.


5 Ways CBD Could Help Your Hangover

CBD is not a magic cure-all. But it can help with a hangover. Here’s how:


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