Best Cheap Dry Herb Vaporizers In The UK

The legalisation of medical cannabis in the UK

In November of 2018, the United Kingdom legalised cannabis for medical use. Specialist doctors can now prescribe medical cannabis on the NHS, providing certain patients with specific medical conditions a new alternative to traditional pharmaceutical drugs.

Medical cannabis

However, the use of cannabis for recreational purposes is still illegal – and this despite the fact that the UK is the world’s largest exporter of cannabis. How hypocritical one might think!?

Indeed, cannabis is still classed as a class B drug. Despite the risks of being charged with the possession, consumption or supply of cannabis, the plant is actually very widely consumed in the UK. According to research carried out by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), the UK ranks 26th in the world in terms of consumption rates amongst people aged 15-64. With the legalisation of cannabis for both medical and recreational uses gaining momentum worldwide, the trend shows no signs of abating in the United Kingdom.

A shift towards healthier consumption methods such as vaping

In light of this gradual emergence of cannabis from the shadows and its acceptance by the mainstream, different ways of consuming cannabis are hitting the market. This trend is fuelled by demand from novelty-crazy, health-conscious consumers and the potential for cannabis businesses to recruit new customers via the launch of innovative products.

Whilst smoking cannabis is still the most likely way to consume it, users are progressively shifting to healthier methods. It has become pretty obvious that cannabis users are seeking to gain exposure to the potential benefits which cannabis has to offer, whilst simultaneously reducing the well-documented risks associated with inhaling the by-products of combustion.

Smoking cannabis is still popular but proven to put one’s health at risk

Amongst the many alternatives to smoking, vaping has certainly made it’s mark on the cannabis scene. For the unacquainted, vaping is the act of inhaling and exhaling the aerosol (often referred to as vapor) which is produced when cannabis (in either a liquid or dry herb form) is heated to the point where its phytochemical constituents – such as cannabinoids or terpenes for example – vaporize. Unlike smoking, vaping does not involve combustion. The cannabis is not exposed to a direct flame nor is it heated at temperatures which would cause it to ignite. Vaping is achieved via the use of specifically designed devices, named vaporizers.

Unlike in certain American states, for example, where cannabis has been legalised and where vaping cannabis oils is very popular, the supply of cannabis oils is still very limited in the UK. The market for cannabis oils is in fact restricted to “homemade” preparations sold on the black market. Procuring a reliable, safe product can be very difficult. The fact that the cannabis is no longer in its natural form also makes it harder to gauge what’s actually inside it without having it sent for analysis in a laboratory.

On the other hand, sourcing cannabis in its most natural form, namely dry herb, is amazingly simple. Certain consumers even grow their own. It’s also fairly straight forward to identify what it is you are being supplied with. Cannabis buds have a distinctive look and smell, which makes it quite simple to recognise.

A growing demand for dry herb vaporizers in the UK

As a result of the widespread availability of cannabis (often referred to as weed in the UK), the demand for accessories to vaporize these buds is on the rise. These devices are generally referred to as dry herb vaporizers by manufacturers and retailers.

Before the advent and explosion of ecommerce, dry herb vaporizers used to be few and far between. Getting your hands on a dry herb vaporizer often involved a trip to several different headshops. If you were fortunate, one of them might have been able to order a small handful of devices, on request and generally from overseas.  Prices were ridiculously high, only rivalled by the length of the shipping times.

Buying cheap dry herb vaporizers in the UK has never been easier.

However, in the age of the internet, buying a dry herb vaporizer has never been easier. Numerous online stores now stock the biggest names in the game such as Pax, Flowermate, Herbva, Herbstick, Hive or Black Mamba.

Increased demand has also brought about increased supply. Manufacturers are launching new brands and products at break-neck pace. This in turn is creating massive competition in the marketplace, with as a consequence a wider choice of higher quality products at cheaper prices. Gone are the days where you had to pay £300 for a quality vaping experience.

A selection of the best cheap UK vaporizers

A quick online search shows that the budget-conscious vaper (vaper is the term used to describe somebody who vapes) can now choose from a huge selection of cheap devices for less than £50. We’ve decided to take a look for ourselves at what’s available in the UK in 2019 and have selected 3 great devices which we’re sure you will love!

  1. Flowermate Aura | Vape Oil & Herb Vaporizer | £50
Flowermate Aura

Flowermate is one of the industry’s most recognisable names. The Californian brand has a proven track record of pushing the envelope in terms of innovation. Their unique selling point is to offer a high-quality experience via a unique combination of style and affordability.

The Aura is no exception to this legacy. With its rugged design, expertly engineered components and high capacity 2600mAh Samsung battery, the Aura screams durability and quality.

What’s more, the Aura is the perfect all-rounder. With this device, not only can 420 enthusiasts vape their favourite herbs but they can also use the device to vape wax concentrates and oils. Whilst most vaporizers under £50 focus on a single type of vaping, the Aura offers all three!

Black Mamba

The Black Mamba Dry Herb Vaporizer is the UK’s favourite budget friendly vaporizer! With a price tag of only £36, this device epitomises value-for-money and is a no-brainer for budget-conscious novices or veterans alike.

Its unique asymmetrical shape and sleek black colour, both reminiscent of a snake’s head (hence the name we would imagine!), make this vaporizer instantly recognisable. Its shape doesn’t just look great though, it also enables the device to pack a large ceramic chamber which can hold up to 0.65g of herbs.

One of stand-out features of the Black Mamba is that, despite its entry level price, it boasts a food-grade ceramic airpath, food-grade glass airpath and rapid heat up time. What more could one reasonably ask for?

Herbva 5G

Last but not least on our list of the UK’s most affordable dry herb vaporizers, is the Herbva 5G. This device is close to our hearts as it’s the first device we ever tried and reviewed.

The obvious appeal of the Herbva 5G is its rock bottom price, which makes it one of the cheapest dry herb vaporizers in the UK. But that’s not all the device has going for it!

The Herbva 5G is also unbelievably compact. This makes it very easy to discreetly carry it around in your pocket, bag or even purse.

Everything about the device is simplified to offer a fuss-free, high-quality vaping experience. Switching the device on or off, as well as toggling through the devices 3 temperature settings, is all achieved via this single button.

Finally, it’s also worth highlighting that the device is available in 3 great colours (white, red or black) and is delivered with 2 mouthpieces (one ceramic, the other glass).

So, if you’re looking for affordability and discretion, look no further than the Herbva 5G. It’s one of the cheapest devices on the market and also one of the smallest – if not THE smallest dry herb vaporizer available in the UK.

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