24kcbdplus.com : 20% off entire CBD range with promo code SUGI

24kcbdplus.com : 20% off entire CBD range with promo code SUGI

For the saavy CBD entusiast on the look out for new products at great prices, why not head over to 24kcbdplus? the brand is currently offering a chunky 20% off their entire product range with the promo code SUGI.



A complete range for human and pets

The brand specializes in hemp oil products and offers a wide and complete range of CBD products such as CBD tinctures (including ZERO THC varieties), CBD balms & topicals, CBD vape oil juices, CBD edibles (such as yummy gummies!), CBD pain relief products, CBD sprays, CBD crystals to CBD dabs. The brand also sells a range of CBD products for pets!


An SSL secured and easy to navigate site

Their products have a clinical identity, come nicely packaged and are affordably priced. Moreover, they can be safely and easily purchased via 24kcbdplus’ SSL secured e-commerce store. So, for those of you looking for a one-stop-shop for all your CBD needs (and for those of your pets too), why not give 24kcbdplus  a try? And don’t forget to use the promo code SUGI at checkout to get your 20% discount! Hurry while the offer lasts!






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